YieldPoint Inc.

We are a rapidly growing global company in Kingston on the shore of Lake Ontario, in Canada. Our core skills are in the design and manufacturing of monitoring solutions for the measurement of all aspects of rock mass and reinforcement behavior around underground excavations.

Our highly innovative and constantly innovative product line comprises both digital and optical instrumentation, which we support with world class geotechnical research expertise. Instruments are complemented by low cost data logging and data access solutions.

Typical applications include:

Our capabilities

YieldPoint also provides research services to universities and government agencies, usually involving customized solutions to critical components of large research projects. Research partners we have worked with include:

  • Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
  • Canada’s Royal Military College
  • University of Lulea, Sweden
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • NIOSH, the National Institute of Safety and Health National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health which is the U.S. federal agency responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for the prevention of work-related injury and illness
  • Queens University in Kingston, Ontario.
  • The National Research Council (NRC) of Canada.

For a list of published papers click here.

YieldPoint Inc. provides mine operators worldwide with tools, technology and service. YieldPoint's Digital (direct-to-digital) sensors combine accuracy and durability while keeping costs low.

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YieldPoint is developing a new solution for a specific requirement presented to us a large client in Indonesia... https://t.co/p3R8Tj6flP

YieldPoint developed a new multipoint extensometer for installation in trenches exclusively and shipping a large system for a civil project.

YieldPoint is displaying instrumentation at https://t.co/ZvJXNdu7Hq in Portugal, with our friends at Tecnilab: https://t.co/PnKjCMjQ4k .

BJF, OJB and AJH headed to Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix.

YieldPoint received very good and conclusive data sets from instrumented SplitSet bolts deployed a few months ago at a Mexican Penoles mine.

YieldPoint launched its new website, still at https://t.co/Q1cpf5EzEH. Check it out and contact us by phone or via the online chat!

PCS is growing its fleet of YieldPoint Ethernet gateways to get access to more geotechnical instrumentation data remotely.

YieldPoint has developed a new and improved extensometer with spring loaded anchors for situations when grouting is not possible.

YieldPoint exhibited at the Association Miniere du Quebec's Ground Support Symposium in Val d'Or, meeting a good number of YieldPoint users.

YieldPoint is visiting a fast developing African country to discuss geotechnical monitoring solutions to various mining and civil players.

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    1407 John Counter Blvd, Unit 170 & 180, Kingston, ON K7K 6A9
    [email protected]

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