d1Logger Geotechnical data logger

Continuous monitoring of geotechnical instruments will significantly to the value of the data collected for a small additional investment.  Even at a rate of 3 readings per day, a continuous dataset will enable engineers to establish 'cause and effect' relationships between geotechnical behaviour and mining operations such as blasts and seismic activity. This in turn will generate confidence in the data and will result in higher return on investment.

The d1Logger is a small single instrument plug-and-play datalogger for YieldPoint digital instruments. The logger is powered with a single 9V battery and has memory for up to 10,000 readings. Data is downloaded using the USB download cable (purchased seperately) and the d-LOG software on any WindowsTM PC, laptop or Tablet (d-TAB). The data is downloaded as .csv file and can be imported easily into MineScope or Microsft Excel.


  • Inexpensive and versatile data-logging solution
  • Pocket-size
  • Stores 10,000 readings
  • 9V Battery powered lasts up to 1 year at 1 reading every 8hrs
  • Reading rate 1 per minute to 1 per day
  • USB download (order seperately)
  • Extremely low cost
  • Tough and immune to hostile environments
  • Individual deployment on each instrument
  • Single sensor configuration
  • Lowest cost data logging solution

The d1Logger’s is powered by a 9V battery. It automatically enters into sleep mode between measurements so that the battery can last up to 1 year when taking 3 readings/day. Even then if battery power is lost the data stored will be retained. 32Mb of Flash memory will collect 10,000 readings with up to 10 channels. A 3V coin cell battery is used to maintain power to the on-board real-time clock.
Data from the d1Logger is output to .txt files using the free d-LOG software. A single data file is created and it is named after the instrument's digital ID. It can easily be imported into Microsoft Excel or any database package, and is fully compatible with YieldPoint's free MineScope database.
USB dowload cable:

The USB download cable connects the d1Logger port to a PC, laptop or tablet.

The USB cables requires FTDI driver to be loaded on the download computer.

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