Digital instruments

Our highly innovative digital product-line as designated by the suffix 'd-' includes an embedded microcontroller that provides highly accurate measurements reported in real world units. This technology provides many key advantages to our users. more →

Our digital instrument product-line can be divided into three categories: Ground movement monitoring, Reinforcement monitoring and Geoenvironmental monitoring.

Ground movement monitoring

  • d-Exto


    1 to 6-Point Multi-Point Borehole Extensometer combines a traditional multi-rod  design and digital signal processing to result in dramatically improved accuracy
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  • d-Civil-Exto


    YieldPoint adapted its world renowned dExto extensometer for installations in soils. YieldPoint’s soil extensometer has higher profile anchor points and adjustable
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  • d-GMM


      The  d-GMM is a single channel Ground Movement Monitor avaiable in two different technologies. The d-GMM(Spectre) is our most
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  • d-micro


      µm resolution crackmeter for precise measurement of single cracks or interfaces
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  • d-Tilt


    YieldPoint offers both MEMS (SG) and Electrolytic (EL) Tiltmeters in uniaxial, biaxial and triaxial configurations              
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  • d-Slough


    Digital sloughmeter can be read and logged with YieldPoint technology. LED warning in case of rock fall. 
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Reinforcement monitoring

  • d-Cable


    d-Cable can monitor the load distribution along 7-wire strand cable bolts and output the result directly in tons or mm.
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  • d-Rebar/d-Bolt


     d-Rebar/d-Bolt The d-Rebar is a digitally instrumented rebar or Normet D-Bolt with 6 long baselength inductive strain gauges. These are
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  • d-Split


     d-SPLIT The d-Split is an instrumented Split-Set bolt developed by YieldPoint and International Rollforms. The instrumentation measures the axial deformation
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Geo-environmental monitoring

  • d-Plucker


    The d1Plucker and d4Plucker are  small, low cost unit that instantly convert vibrating wire (VW) transducers such as load cells,
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  • d-Temp


    d-Temp is a thermo string with 5-20 temperature sensors packaged within a waterproof plastic sleeve.     
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  • d-CSIRO


     d-CSIRO is a CSIRO HID cell running YieldPoint's d-Tech firmware to interface with dReader, dLogger and dMesh.    
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Custom instrument design and development

YieldPoint has worked closely with bolt manufacturers around the world such as International Rollforms (d-Split), Normet (d-Bolt), Jennmar (d-YieldLok), DSI (d-Threadbar) to develop custom solutions for rock reinforcement products. Currently we are in the early stages of developing an instrumented Swellex bolt. If you require customized instrumented solution for a particular product, we have expertise to develop a monitoring solution that can potentially demonstrate the effectiveness of that product.

YieldPoint Inc. provides mine operators worldwide with tools, technology and service. YieldPoint's Digital (direct-to-digital) sensors combine accuracy and durability while keeping costs low.

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