The d1Plucker and d4Plucker are  small, low cost unit that instantly convert vibrating wire (VW) transducers such as load cells, stressmeters and piezometers, into d-Tech compatible instruments.

These VW sensors then become compatible with YieldPoint’s data loggers and radios.

1 channel and 4 channel versions are available. d-Plucker enables YieldPoint’s low cost digital peripheral devices to read (d-Reader), store (d-Logger) or transmit (d-Mesh) data from VW sensors.

The user simply connects the leads of the VW sensor to a terminal block housed inside the unit and then treats the sensor like any other YieldPoint d-Tech instrument. The unit outputs the temperature recorded by the thermistor in oC (0.1oC resolution) and the period of vibration of the wire in µS (0.1µS resolution).



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  • Plug-and-play solution for VW sensors
  • Inexpensive and versatile
  • Allows VW sensors to interface with YieldPoint d-Reader, d-Logger data-loggers and d-Mesh networks
  • 500-6000Hz (0-5Vdc) square wave sweep. Output is in microseconds (µS) or in digits.
  • Temperature output from thermistor with 0.1C resolution.
  • Digital RS485 Output (9600,8,N,1), with Unique Instrument ID, SensorType, and output data.



The d4Plucker uses a proprietary algorithm to locate the resonant frequency within the range 500Hz to 6000Hz. An internal switch is used to select 3 different frequency ranges based on the type of instrument used.

Using the d-Reader it is possible to quickly read the transducer. Using the d1Logger or d4Logger it is possible to log data from 1 or 4 VW sensors over a 100 day duration.
Using d-Mesh it is possible to transmit data over an existing TCP/IP network using either Ethernet or WiFi. A unique digital ID is assigned to each d4Plucker.


The output signal from the d_Plucker is a digital RS485 signal (9600,8,N,1) with ASCII encoded Sensor_ID, Sensor_Type, Temp and period.



Manual Readouts:


Readout can be made using YieldPoint’s low cost manual interrogation unit (d-Reader), with a backlit LCD. The Unit displays the Sensor_Type and Sensor_ID and outputs the temperature and VW data directly in oC and µs.


The d-Viewer Module provides USB connectivity so that the d-Plucker can be read with using a LapTop or Tablet (d-Tab) PC. If power is available a low cost NetBook computer can be transformed into a data-logger.

Automated Data Retrieval


The d-Logger (32Mb of memory) can collect up to 10,000 readings from the d-Plucker over a period up to 1 year. Download to a PC is with a USB download cable (order separately).


Plug-and-Play networks of instruments can be created using YieldPoint’s d-Mesh technology. A low-cost d-Mesh node can connect 4 instruments to a TCP/IP network over Ethernet or WiFi. This solution saves time and money by transmitting data directly to an engineer’s desktop computer.



  • Monitoring pillar stress changes using vibrating wire BPCs.
  • Monitoring pillar stress changes using vibrating wire stressmeters.
  • Monitoring strain in structural elements using welded vibrating wire strain gauges.
  • Monitoring the loading of structural elements such as posts and pillars
  • Monitoring piezometer arrays.


Measuring stress changes in a Secondary Rock Pillar

d4Plucker applications

Measured stress changes by two orthogonal Borehole Pressure Cells installed in production hole for a secondary stope pillar. BPCs attached to d1PLUCKERs ( red -longitudinal orientation, blue- transverse). Recorded with d-LOGGER data-logger.



Range (F.S.): 166-2000µs period measurement, Temp: -40 to 125oC

Core Technology: 20MHz microcontroller providing 0-5V 500-6000Hz sweep

Output Signal: RS485 (9600,8,N,1) ASCII encoded signal comprising: Unique Instrument _ID, Sensor_Type, Temp (oC) and Period (µS) data

VW Resolution: 0.1µs with hand held readout.

Displ. Accuracy: – better than +/- 1µs

Temp. Range –40 – 125oC

Temp. Accuracy +/- 1oC –Digitally trimmed at 0oC and 25oC

Temp Resolution: 0.1oC

YieldPoint Inc. provides mine operators worldwide with tools, technology and service. YieldPoint's Digital (direct-to-digital) sensors combine accuracy and durability while keeping costs low.

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