d-Cable Geotechnical Instrumented Cable

YieldPoint’s d-Cable technology provides engineers, technicians, consultants and contractors with a digital instrumented 7-strand cable for geotechnical monitoring. This instrument tracks how the load develops its own length of 7-wire stand cable bolt over time. It allows a reliable assessment of the Factor of Safety against cable rupture. The instrument is applicable to cable bolts, ground anchors, tendons, and tie-backs used in all types of mining and civil projects. It has the potential to help predict the risk of catastrophic structural failure: in fact d-Cable data can enhance many aspects of engineering design, installation quality control, long-term operation assessment, and rehabilitation. Click here for a case study.
The d-Cable is indistinguishable from a regular cable and deployment simply involves replacing a regular cable with its instrumented equivalent. During cementing/grouting no special procedures need to be followed. The readout head of the d-Cable has the same diameter as the 7-wire strand itself, and therefore grips and a jack can be applied over the readout head if the cable is to be plated. If no face-plate is required the readout head can simply be recessed into the collar of the hole.


  • Instrumented 7-wire strand cable applicable to plain strand, bulb (Garford) cables
  • Applicable to grouted cables and cables spun in resin
  • Both Head-at-Collar (HAC) and Head-at-Toe (HAT) configurations possible
  • HAT configuration routes leadwire through a continuous steel tube
  • Available with mm or tons readout, please specify your preference
  • Available with 1 (d1Cable) to 6 (d6Cable) strain gauges
  • Microcontroller provides output directly in load (tons) or displacement (mm)
  • Individually calibrated, calibrations sheets available
  • Immunity to hostile environment
  • High survivability to shock and vibration
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Digital (d-Tech) instrumented cable with RS485 signal out
  • Low cost peripheral devices for data-logging (d-Logger) and data Ethernet (IoT Gateway)
  • Competitively priced


The d-Cable is based on miniature inductive strain gauges small enough to be recessed into a surrogate tubular king-wire. The gauges are configured with custom base-lengths between 200mm and 2,000mm. When the ends of the strain-gauge are secured (usually swaged) the instrument will measure how a certain length of the cable bolt is stretching in response to load. The base-length between the ends of the strain-gauges is specified by the customer. During manufacturing the entire strain-gauge array is independently manufactured and calibrated and then recessed into the king-wire and swaged in place.

The technology can be manufactured in HAC or HAT configurations. The HAT configuration is suitable for cables that are installed with a face plate, and the leadwires are returned through a continuous stainless steel tube.

Manual readout:

YieldPoint’s low cost geotechnical d-Reader readout unit or the new d-TAB. Both provide the temperature and displacement data directly in oC and mm.

Data logging:

Data from the d-Cable can be collected using YieldPoint’s d-Logger dataloggers (d1Logger and d4Logger). Data can be download by any computer device running Windows including the convenient d-TAB.

Automated data retrieval:
Clusters of instruments (4 per Logger) that are monitored using YieldPoint’s d4Logger can be wirelessly networked using:

  • d-Mesh: a 900MHz wireless mesh solution
  • IoT GateWay if Ethernet is available

YieldPoint Inc. provides mine operators worldwide with tools, technology and service. YieldPoint's Digital (direct-to-digital) sensors combine accuracy and durability while keeping costs low.

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